Our Services


We are perfectionists, and it shows in every step of our design process, from your initial consultation to the finished installation.  With a Team of product experts, Craftsman Court Ceramics (CCC) can provide consultation throughout the entire project - and beyond.  Even after a project is complete, CCC will continue to stand behind our product should any issues arise, giving you and your customer piece of mind.  Because we source only the finest wood, tile and stone products, it’s imperative that our Team has the experience and acumen to effectively use these products to their full potential.  No matter your clients’ visions, CCC has a perfect complement of expertise and breadth of product to meet the most ambitious needs.  The CCC Team includes specialized experts suited to educate a network of designers and architects on the broadest, most cutting-edge products and applications in its portfolio. Our collective expertise means finding the right product for the right project, every time.

CCC provides responsive, accountable service - doing whatever it takes - to create an exquisite product and uphold high professional standards for cultivating a long-term partnership. We want every person that does business with us to become our biggest fans for meeting their needs. We understand that even the best products cannot make up for poor service. As such, we set appointments for clients in our amazing showroom, so that they and their customers get the most attentive service when browsing or purchasing products. We hold our service to the same high standards as our products, so you get what you expect every time. The CCC staff is as flexible and versatile as its product portfolio. We rely on our staff’s ingenuity to use our products for finding answers and solutions to the most complex projects. Additionally, we always make ourselves available to provide assistance and strategic consultation.


We work closely with your building and design professionals to create a beautiful space.  We recognize the challenges of specifying appropriate materials and specialize in assisting clients (architects, designers and homeowners) with tile selection, tile design layout, and budget planning.  Our mission is to turn your dream into reality.



When is the best time for us to get involved? At the beginning, while you are still deciding exactly what you want. The best time for us to get involved is during the working drawing phase of a home project. We will schedule a consultation and ask you to bring photographs of favorite styles, along with any blueprints you may have available. Together, we will review the architectural style and interior design of your home, discuss costs for materials and installation, and ensure we all share the same vision and goals. Should our review of your blueprints reveal dimensions that are less than ideal, we will point them out and suggest improvements.  Our Team will work closely with you to determine the best way to resolve any issues without compromising on design or quality.

Showroom Visit and Visual Presentation

Next, it’s time for you to visit our amazing showroom, where we’ll present samples, color images, layouts, and product information of your favorites and/or our recommendations. Our showroom is a working design studio - a gallery-style space, with its unique mix of products purposefully positioned to allow unbridled exploration. Samples, images, showroom installations and boards help you visualize how the materials will look in your living spaces, and our staff and product information will help you understand the maintenance required for various options.   Whether you are looking for stone, wood, terra cotta, glass, or unique ceramics, we have it all.  We offer many styles from our different manufacturers as well as a number of styles and designs that have been developed in-house.  Our customer service representatives are very knowledgeable about our products and can help you understand the differences between different items and the best ways to use each of them.

Our in-house designers have the experience you are looking for to help turn your project into a dream come true.  Whether you have a little experience or a lot, our designers can work with you to help you find or create what you are really looking for.  We are experienced in historical styles, personal styles, and modern or contemporary styles and can help you find the unique combination that will personalize your home.


Cost Analysis

We obtain pricing information from Vendors and Suppliers. We proceed area by area, creating a cost range based on the materials the Client has selected. We meet with the Designer and Client to propose options. The Client/Designer gets a pricing quote for the interested materials. Once the Client has made a decision and is ready to order, we require a 50% deposit of the approved order.  Considering a few options?  No problem. Our Team is here to assist you with quotes and options to fit your project budget, so that no job is too big or too small.



Job Site

Upon request, our Team can meet with the installers at your job site, where we walk them through the project and discuss the level of detail required for a successful installation of sophisticated materials. We will also walk the entire building team through the project, to ensure the contractor, framer, cabinetmaker, plumbers and electricians all have detailed information.


We take great care to specify every detail of every tile design to ensure that you're getting exactly what you selected. We regularly check the status of each order and keep your contractor, tile installer, and designer in the loop.


We receive many compliments on our well-organized shipping system. Tracking numbers are sent to all parties involved (homeowner, contractor, tile installer, and designer), along with a follow-up phone call to make sure everything was received to our Client’s satisfaction.  Shipments are made directly from our manufacturer to the job site (or tile installer), which reduces shipping times, and is convenient.


The care we take upfront to work with the client, designer, artisans, installers and other members of the construction team ensures that the installation process will run smoothly and provide lasting pleasure and utility.  Specific installation instructions, if available, are sent to the tile installer to ensure that the product is installed properly.



At Craftsman Court Ceramics, we provide exemplary customer service to everyone who visits us.  Whether you are beginning a new construction or are remodeling, we are here to help.  Customization is our specialty and we are dedicated to helping each customer meet his or her goals.  Every day, we strive to fulfill our Companys Mission Statement:


Craftsman Court Ceramics is a highly experienced team of tile and design specialists. We provide a creative environment with a variety of unique products from around the world.


We are all committed to being a part of a successful team that operates with integrity and dependability. We strive to inspire, educate, and assist our clients while helping them create one-of-a-kind projects.


Our superior customer service, product knowledge, passion for design, and professionalism sets us apart from our competition. We are determined to be known as the best………..and have fun doing it!


We hope that you’ll be a part of us accomplishing our Mission.